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Color Oracle

Text by Johannes Schneider, Copyright © Astrodienst AG 2019


You have selected the colors that you currently find most pleasing and most unpleasing. Read the interpretive texts for your selections in the following paragraphs. In the case of some colors, you will find an additional question or suggestion which can help you deal with a subject area in more depth.

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Keep in mind that your unconscious plays a major role in the selection of the colors. As it is the case when laying tarot cards, it is inadvisable to repeat the color test too often because otherwise, the quality of the interpretation quickly fades. Take in the texts, and let them work on you, even those you may find somewhat uncomfortable or provocative.

The Color Oracle is a psychological color test developed by the Swiss art instructor, therapist and astrologer Johannes Schneider. Astrodienst also has on offer his "Color Horoscope"- the delineation of the birth chart in combination with psychological color interpretation.

Your General Disposition

At the present time, your behavior is characterized by your need to expand your horizons. Hoping for enjoyable and enriching experiences you are always open for entertaining contacts, carefree socializing and interesting exchanges of ideas. Your goal is to discover new perspectives, to gather information and to increase your knowledge of the latest trends.

Interpretation of the Colors You Find Most Pleasing

Of great importance to you now is...

...making pleasurable contacts.

You would like to leave everything unpleasant and burdensome behind and to relax spending time with nice, open-minded people with whom you can have a good conversation or undertake some activity that raises your spirits and takes your mind off things. Now and again, you need the stimulation of variety and the opportunity to break out of your daily routine. You now feel that hanging your head would not be as good for you as...

You can ask yourself:
Does my strong desire to do something that brings me joy and always keeps me on the go stem from the need to repress unpleasant problems? Wouldn't it be better to take an unflinching look at these, analyze them and search for a way to solve them?

...solving difficulties autonomously.

You want to attain complete control over a situation that concerns and touches you personally. You would also like to have such a good hold on yourself that you remain in control, no matter what, so that everything runs smoothly. Without being aware of it, you are also quite domineering in your dealings with others, and this doesn't sit well with all of them. You say to yourself: The thing I need to cope with my current situation is...

You can ask yourself:
Why do I actually try so hard to keep everything under control? Why do I try to prove to myself and others how hardworking I am? Does my value really depend only on whether I am admired for my accomplishments or special abilities?

...vigorous self-assertion.

You now want to pull out all the stops in order to achieve what you have planned. Your chances are good because if you feel something is important you are able to show initiative, grab the opportunity spontaneously and act with vigor. You can also display energetic efforts in your personal relationships: if you love or admire someone you are prepared to undertake quite a bit in order to win or hold on to his affection. You utilize a major portion of your powers for...

...loving attention.

You attempt to use your kindness to gain the affection of other people, and thanks to your charming ways, you usually succeed. You are happy when you can be with someone who shows you warm-heartedness, sympathy and understanding and with whom you can share the enjoyable things of life: delicious food, beautiful music, a comfortable home and, last but not least, the pleasurable exchange of physical affection. You hope your life will become more agreeable through...

...nurturing useful relationships.

Due to the fact that you are stuck in a genuinely unpleasant situation, you seek contact with helpful people you hope will show you understanding and provide you with moral support. It could be that you receive the necessary encouragement, but in the end, you have to solve your personal problems yourself. Your common sense will help you in this. You believe that right now two things can help: your intelligence and...

...unwavering stability.

Regardless of difficulties, criticism or objections, you are determined not be dissuaded under any circumstances from the things you consider to be right. This strongly driven attitude masks an inner insecurity that probably stems from the fact that your faith in a person you are close to, in people in general or in the justness of fate has been seriously shaken.

Interpretation of the Colors You Find Most Unpleasant

At the moment you feel most anxious due to your...

...inhibiting limitations.

Difficult circumstances limit your opportunities for experience and your freedom of action. You feel deprived because you have to do without some of the things that would make life pleasant. You expect far too much understanding for your needs from other people, and as a result, you often feel disappointed. You might ask yourself how much understanding and empathy you extend to others. You would like to be free of your...

Your unconscious advises you to:
Don't become fixated on your expectations, either pessimistic or optimistic. Both act like a brick wall in front of your nose that blocks your view of the variety of possibilities that life offers you. Optimistic expectations are not harmless: when they aren't fulfilled, frustration is great. On the other hand, negative expectations stifle every initiative, leaving you immobilized like a rabbit in the face of a snake.

...unpleasant contentiousness.

The behavior of certain other people is a thorn in your side. You don't feel like putting up with just anything without objection, and because of this, you can give no guarantee you won't end up in an argument with the person in question. Your stubborn attitude could easily provoke confrontations. At the moment, your mood is somewhat gloomy due to your...

...worrisome apprehension.

You are conscientious and take your tasks seriously. You often spend time pondering what you should do and how you should do it, so that everything turns out well. Even when something is going just fine, you can still be suddenly afflicted with the fear that something could go wrong or something bad could happen that would ruin everything. At the same time, though, you certainly would never admit that often you become worried far too easily and paint a very pessimistic picture. At the moment, you are worried by your...

Your unconscious advises you to:
When you get upset because you have to deal with your problems and worries on your own, don't allow resentment to build up inside you as a result. By harboring resentments you hurt yourself and you don't motivate anyone to provide you with moral or practical support. Do yourself the work that is necessary to solve your problems. This will give you a positive feeling of self-worth.

...burdensome situation of suffering.

You believe people should behave correctly, considerately and kindly towards you so that your interactions run pleasantly and without friction. Since this is frequently not the case, you often become indignant over their incorrect behavior and views or their lack of kindness. You easily get the feeling of being someone's innocent victim and believe you have every right to be outraged. You also suffer quite a bit due to your...

...frightening lack of power.

You constantly see yourself confronted with a mountain of difficulties and problems. At the same time, you don't want to let yourself be dragged down by feelings of despair and resignation. For this reason, you concentrate on achieving what is most important to you right now. The resources you employ in doing so range from winning affability to skillful manipulation all the way to authoritarian pressure because you want to get everything under control. Your fear of being powerless arouses exactly the opposite in you: a thirst for power. You also feel powerless in the face of your...

...emotional sensitivity.

When you think about the difficulties you have to cope with, your mood is anything but rosy. You have to steel yourself against exhausting demands, you feel unfairly treated, or you are faced with some other impositions. You try to adopt a thick skin, but you get worked up all the same and have a tendency to make mountains out of molehills.

The Color Oracle

This Color Oracle is a psychological color test developed by the Swiss astrologer and art instructor Johannes Schneider. During several decades of research and practice, he investigated the effect of color on the psyche. He first published his findings on these effects under the name "Color-O-Scope" which included 25 small colored wooden plaques for use in selecting the colors.

The online version available here utilizes the same hues as the original product. The method of color selection is also identical. Since the representation of the colors is dependent on the color fidelity of the display screen in use, slight deviations in color may nonetheless occur, and Astrodienst has no control over this.

Until further notice the Color Oracle will be offered to visitors free of charge. You will also find on this website another horoscope interpretation by the same author which is based on astrology and psychology, the "Color Horoscope" by Johannes Schneider.

Color Horoscope, from Johannes Schneider

Color Psychology and Astrology The "Color Horoscope" is a horoscope interpretation developed by the Swiss art instructor and astrologer Johannes Schneider, author of the "Color Oracle". The "Color Horoscope" combines the delineation of the birth chart with color psychology. To each of the celestial bodies a typical color has been assigned. This ranking can also be represented as a series of twelve colors.

Psychological Horoscope, by Liz Greene

Psychological HoroscopeThe Psychological Horoscope Analysis by Liz Greene is a remarkable achievement within contemporary astrology. Combining the use of astrological insight with modern psychology, it can give you a detailed portrait of your personality.

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